Blocking Objectionable E-Mail using Outlook Express 5


Spam is unwanted or unsolicited (junk) e-mail

From time to time, we have all experienced it ... SPAM.  And the worst kind of Spam is the kind that is of an adult nature when you are not interested in receiving it.  Although illegal in many areas Spam still gets through.

Every time a way is invented to stop the Spammer, they find a way around it.   That is why ISP's, such as are unable to block all incoming Spam.   But there is something you can do if you are using Outlook Express 5.

Outlook Express 5 allows you setup specific rules to help you manage the incoming e-mail.

For example, you could set up a rule such as this:

On incoming messages, where the subject line contains the word "birthday", delete it off of the server and never download it.

What this rule would then do is "scan" all of your incoming e-mail and if any of them contained the word "birthday" in the subject line, it would delete them off of the server and you would never see it.

This is great to filter out Spam of an adult nature.  Instead of using the example word, birthday, you can replace it with adult content words, such as, sex.  Then Outlook Express would block all incoming e-mail that had the word sex in the subject line and you would never have to be bothered with it.

Some words of warning

Outlook Express's message rules are very powerful 
and could end up blocking some mail that wasn't Spam.  The rules cant understand to keep the mail if its from your friend but block the rest unless you specifically tell it too.  If you follow the simple steps outlined on the following pages you shouldn't run into too many problems like that though.

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Note: Outlook Express 4 does have mail filtering with the inbox assistant, but it is very archaic and unreliable.  We recommend that if you want to use the Mail Filtering that you upgrade to Outlook Express 5.